Saturday, December 26, 2009

AdvAcad Solutions launch KNOWBLE Comprehensive Brain Power Enhancement Programs

AdvAcad Solutions has developed a new age solution for STUDENTS by the name of KNOWBLE.This article is just a preview of “what KNOWBLE is all about?”

Know the KNOWBLE:
There is nothing in this world, and even outside, that an empowered brain cannot achieve
          “All we are is a result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become”  : Lord Buddha

Knowble is a product from the house of Advacad Solutions with an attempt to enable children with exemplary mental power with the help of our well researched and proven methods. In Knowble, we are aiming to strengthen a child’s ‘ability of knowledge’ and to ‘apply that knowledge’ while facing academic and day to day challenges in his/her life. In Knowble, we try to use some age-old methodologies which have lost their shine in course of social evolution. So, in a way we are “bringing the past back to present”.

These tools work on some beautiful concepts evolved by various human civilizations. Like we use Vedic Maths and Yog developed by Indian Civilization, Mnemonics developed by Greeks, Abacus developed by Mesopotamians, Acupressure developed by Chinese. Our research has proved that these methods are still applicable, beneficial and essential for a student’s overall growth.

ADVCAD Solutions

We at Advacad Solutions are dedicated to the cause of devising new-age solutions to strengthen the delivery of academic features through all possible channels. Knowble is a product from the house of Advacad Solutions backed by its intensive research and expertise in this field. In Knowble, we attempt to enable a child with exemplary mental power with our well proven methods. Here we aim to strengthen a child’s faculties of Imagination, Visualization and Rationalization, that’s what we call strengthening the “potential to learn and know” or “ability of knowledge”.

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